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Rambling thoughts of an Insurance Agent

Good Friday to all!  Ever wonder what the day to day life of an Insurance Agent is? Probably not - I know I don't....Oh wait, I am an Insurance Agent - duh (hand to forehead slap!).  Daily we talk to our customers, make changes to their Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance or perhaps to talk to them about Life Insurance....

The behind the scenes look are daily in and out of various companies we represent - ALL of which by the way offer REPLACEMENT COST on your roof!  Say whatttttttttttttttt? Yep, it's true! You may not have ever thought of this have you?  Are you fully protected? Hmmm, something to ponder on...

We pride ourselves on having a personal connection to our Insured's. It is almost like a family feeling in some ways. We've  added young drivers and removed them as they grew up and ventured out on their own. "Wait, how can Cindy be able to drive? When did that happen"? "Jack is graduating college??", "No, way - Joe is getting married?" Just a few situations we have been apart of and continue to be apart of with our Insured's. So fun seeing and hearing the changes and knowing that our Insured's feel safe, and confident with us as their Insurance Agent(s). 

Told you this was rambling - didn't believe me huh?  Before I end and put you out of your delirious reading pain that I've caused - wanted to reach out and mention - have you considered Life Insurance?  It's often one of the "Things" we don't think about until we get older or there has been a situation in our lives where a loved one has died and it made us think - "Am I protected?"  

Well, I will end this rambling for the week - haha it's Friday, save you the pain of listening to me ramble on....I could always blame this on one of the guys here - they wouldn't know...HEEHEE....

Warm and Safe Wishes for your weekend,

Rambling Rhonda..... 


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