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New Blogger

Hey Y'all - Rhonda here....So, this is my first time EVER doing a blog...Here we go - feel free to laugh, shake your head or whatever, because trust me I am "rookie" at this for sure!

Did you know that we now offer Pet Insurance - yes, Health Insurance for your furry one's (dog's & cat's)...Works pretty much like human health insurance - other than there isn't the annual "beat the clock - open enrollment deadline thingy"....All breeds of dogs are eligible - I know I know - none of that "black listed" stuff for the Rottie, or Pittie's!  

If you'd be interested in getting a quote give us a call - doesn't take long at all! Bill, Brooks or myself will be happy to help you!

Ok, well there I tried the whole blog thing - pretty much feel like I'm rambling like I normally do....Maybe, I will be a SUCCESS with this after all!

Have a good day!